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Some moments become unforgettable in our career. It was quite unexpected that I ended up standing in front of the state governor, the secretary of Education, the secretary of Science and Technology, some former professors of mine like Geber Ramalho, André Santos and Silvio Meira – the latter quite a local celebrity, my students, and colleagues,  in a room full of other people, photographers and the press.
I was there because I helped planning and starting the project Pernambucoders, Silvio Meira’s idea to spread programming clubs in public schools of our state of Pernambuco, aligned with a worldwide tendency. Silvio Meira has already done a lot for the development of the state, particulary in IT, and he has always been a visionary. I was proud to be invited to contribute to make this real, with the expertise we have from the course that prepares teachers of Computer Science for basic education (in Portuguese, Licenciatura em Computação). A course that is many times neglected, but which is growing in importance over the years, given the campaign for introducing computational thinking in schools.
I was also very proud to see our students as mediators of these programming clubs: the progress they’ve made and the challenge they’ve accepted.
So I went there, trembling from head to toe, and I spoke from my heart. In my wildest dreams, I had not foreseen such a moment, such an opportunity to show the local society that we’re here, at UFRPE, we’re good, we’re willing, and we can make a difference.
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