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Post-doc at McGill

I spent the year of 2017 as a post-doctoral researcher in Montreal, Canada, at McGill University, more specifically at the Accessible Computing Technologies – ACT Lab, directed by Prof. Karyn Moffatt, at the School of Information Studies.

I worked in the project CONNECT-CREATE: Promoting Social Connectedness Through Collaborating on Digital Storytelling and Knowledge Creation and Sharing, from AGE-WELL – Canada’s technology and aging network. The goal of this project was to find technological solutions to improve older adults’ communication,  and thus reduce their social isolation. Design workshops were run with older adults, and I worked primarily on the analysis of the data and the method for designing with this population.

I had the opportunity to share some of my work at the AGE-WELL 2017 conference in Winnipeg, and at the 30th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium – UIST, in Quebec city.

Getting to know and live in Canada was interesting but challenging! I learned a lot, and this includes how to survive in the snow!