I currently collaborate with three research projects.

DEMULTS – Desenvolvimento de Multimídias Sustentáveis (UFRPE)

Since 2011, this project takes place in a Brazilian public school in Recife. With a socio-interactionist approach, the aim is to promote new ways of learning by engaging students in the development of digital games, through participatory design and end-user programming. The project is structured as a community of practice, where experts (undergraduate students and academic researchers) and novices (middle school students) interact to develop these games. The games must include curricular contents, making students learn them in the process, besides developing their design skills and computational thinking through programming.

Project leader: Flávia Peres (UFRPE – Department of Education)

Using data mining techniques to extract learning in virtual learning environments in Brazil

Learning Analytics are emerging as a great tool to help educators improve their actions and approaches in giving students feedback. This is particularly important for students at risk of dropping out. However, datamining techniques and the type of information extracted from learning environments depend on the context, including from technical infrastructure to pedagogical practices and beliefs. Inspired and following international initiatives, this project focuses on the Brazilian context of higher-education institutions.

Project leader: Rafael Mello (UFRPE – Computing Department)

Robot Checker (UFRPE)

This project proposes an educational environment capable of automatically verifying the behaviour of robots of the RoboMind tool. It integrates formal methods to the field of educational robotics, aiming at providing a better support for learning programming concepts with virtual robots.  The idea is that the learners will be given more precise feedback about the behaviour of the programs they write for the robots. A web-based environment is in being prototyped to be used by teachers and students as a way of proposing exercises, verifying them and giving feedback, within the learning process of programming with virtual robots.

Project leader: Sidney Nogueira (UFRPE – Computing Department)

Previous projects

Post-doctoral research: Promoting Social Connectedness through Collaborating on Digital Storytelling and Knowledge Creation and Sharing (McGill University and AGE-WELL Network)

This project will design technological platforms to enable older adults to use digital storytelling as a means of communicating and socializing. The research team plans to work with older adults in using these platforms and tools to create digital stories covering significant events in their lives and/or their communities. It is a unique means of communication that can be enjoyable, meaningful and life affirming and can assist older adults in continuing to learn, grow and maintain cognitive abilities.

Project leaders: Karyn Moffatt (McGill – School of Information Studies) and Cosmin Munteanu (University of Toronto -Communication, Culture, and Information Technology)

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