IHC 2016

IHC 2016 took place in São Paulo, at IBM Brasil, 4th-7th of October. I had the pleasure and honour of presenting and discussing the theme of “Education in HCI and the new interaction technologies” with Prof. Cecilia Baranauskas (UNICAMP) and Prof. Milene Silveira (PUC-RS), as part of the WEIHC (Workshop on HCI Education). I was invited by the workshop organisers, Prof. Clodis Boscarioli (UNIOESTE) and Prof. Luciana Zaina (UFSCAR).


I also organised the Thesis and Dissertations Workshop with Prof. Simone Barbosa (PUC-RJ), where we discussed the work of six students who are doing their research in varied themes within the are of Human-Computer Interaction.


Hard work, but fantastic time with this very nice and high-quality Brazilian HCI community.

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